99 Cent Mysteries 1/30/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

Today’s cheap Kindle mysteries are all “countdown” deals, meaning: You have but a limited time before the price bops back up! From thriller, to supernatural, to… cats. It’s a big genre, and there’s room for everyone.


Wallflower: Pray you aren’t noticed – the sequel to Plain Jane (Book 2 of the Harbinger Mystery Series)
4.5 stars in 54 reviews

A vicious killer in on the loose. Can famed FBI profiler Kent Harbinger overcome his own mental instability to catch the mad man before he kills again? With all the twists and turns and shocking conclusion, Wallflower is the perfect sequel to Plain Jane: Brunette Beware.


Grace, Jack & Magical Cool Cats Mysteries Boxed Set Vol 2
4.5 stars in 3 reviews

Romantic 1920s detectives, Grace & Jack, return with their magical cool cats, Tatania & Zeus, who solve mysteries without missing a nap. In Meow Baby, when a pregnant woman disappears,Grace and Jack, discover a skeleton that carries the secrets of the heart that once beat within it. They find the skeleton when breaking ground for their new home. Magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus pounce on clues. In Cupake Kitty, when a singer at an engagement party dies, romantic 1920s detectives, Grace and Jack, and their magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus, follow a killer to TiJuana and a bootlegger’s doll. In Meow or Never, it’s the 1920s and nothing interesting happens before 2:00 a.m. When a wealthy stockbroker’s wife disappears, Grace, Jack, and magical cool cats, Tatania & Zeus, rush to find her. In Catty Corner, when an art heist happens during their rooftop cocktail party, Grace, Jack, and magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus, leap to solve it.


Cades Cove: The Curse of Allie Mae (Cades Cove Series #1)
4 stars in 208 reviews

Buried deep in a ravine in the picturesque Smoky Mountains is a very dark secret. David Hobbs, vacationing with his wife Miriam, inadvertently stumbles upon a small cloth ‘keepsake’ bag and a broken tooth. A human tooth. Miriam begs David to hand the bag and tooth over to park officials, but he ignores his wife’s pleas and secretly keeps the ‘harmless’ items. The action opens a doorway that had been closed for nearly a hundred years and unleashes hell on earth, or at least hell in the lives of David and Miriam. Following the brutal murder of his best friend in Denver, and an aborted attack on his oldest son, David desperately seeks to understand why a mysterious teenage girl has chosen to terrorize him and the males closest to him. To prevent further devastation to his family and end the wanton bloodshed, he returns to the enchanted hills of eastern Tennessee, where a terrible truth awaits discovery…one that forces him to face the consequences for the unpaid sins of his ancestors.

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99 Cent Mysteries for 1/12/14

Hello from 99 Cent Mysteries, where we bring you mysterious cheap Kindle books, just 99 cents each, every day. Today? How about everything from thrillers… to techno-thrillers… to… cats!


Working Girls … Do It For Thrills (6-Book Bundle)
4.5 stars in 19 reviews

When stakes are at their highest, these working girls draw on the tools of their trades to kick butt, take names and make a difference. 6 complete thrillers by 6 bestselling authors. Available for a limited time only! ** 1100+ Amazon reviews on the individual books with an overall rating of 4.4 stars **


Cipher: The sequel to the #1 Techno-Thriller, Encrypted (Book 2 of the Robin Hood Hacker Series)
4.5 stars in 80 reviews

From Carolyn McCray, the #1 Bestselling author in Men’s Adventure, Techno-thriller, Action Adventure & War, comes Cipher, the sequel to the #1 action packed, Techno-Thriller, Encrypted. The Hidden Hand has struck again, this time with a weaponized Influenza virus set to kill over a quarter of the world’s population. Can the Robin Hood Hacker and her FBI boyfriend find the cure before countless millions die? From Mardi Gras to the Buckingham Palace and the Berlin Wall, our heroes’ lives hang in the balance.


Cat Fear No Evil (Joe Grey Mysteries)
4.5 stars in 33 reviews

What’s the perfect read for fans of New York Times bestselling mystery authors Lilian Jackson Braun and Rita Mae Brown? This delightful ninth Joe Grey Mystery from award–winning author Shirley Rousseau Murphy. When antiques and valuables begin to disappear from residents’ homes, Joe Grey, Feline Detective, knows that something is very wrong in sleepy Molena Point, California. Lost are a five hundred thousand dollar painting, a diamond choker, and most shocking to Joe, his owner Clyde’s vintage Packard roadster. But even a seasoned tomcat like Joe isn’t prepared for the return of a yellow–eyed, sinister black cat who had terrorized him and his girlfriend Dulcie years before. The acid–tongued Azrael had paired with an old crook to loot the town and spread fear among the unsuspecting residents. Could Azrael and his partner be connected to this new set of crimes? But when a local waiter dies mysteriously at the art opening of one of Joe and Dulcie’s closest human friends, the pair know that someone much more powerful and evil than Azrael’s aging human friend is involved. And when miles away in San Francisco the cats’ friend Kate––a woman with a mysterious, troubling secret––is followed by a stranger and robbed, the cats dig in their claws and investigate. Along with their tattercoat friend Kit, they pass clues to the police, and under the often sceptical eye of Clyde, slowly begin to sniff out the truth.

About 99 Cent Mysteries

All books were $.99 at the time of this post, but prices on Amazon sometimes change quickly.

Posts on 99 Cent Mysteries may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure and disclaimer here.