99 Cent Mysteries 6/23/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

A couple of British mysteries today: A box set featuring Scotland Yard, and a spy novel featuring the Secret Service and more. Also, a cozy mystery featuring an amateur female sleuth on vacation in Maui — All in today’s cheap Kindle mysteries!


Deadly Trio: 3 English Mysteries: Ice Blue, Blue Murder, Something Blue (Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series)
5 stars in 3 reviews

The first three Lord and Lady Hetheridge Books, together in one collection! In ICE BLUE, meet Lord Anthony Hetheridge, chief superintendent for New Scotland Yard. A bachelor approaching his sixieth birthday, Baron Hetheridge has a neat, orderly personal life that his new subordinate, the impetuous and beautiful Kate Wakefield, turns upside down. And their first murder case together reveals not only a powerful attraction, but a secret from Hetheridge’s own past.

In book 2, BLUE MURDER, Hetheridge and his detectives, DS Kate Wakefield and DS Deepal “Paul” Bhar, seek the culprit of a deadly Halloween bash while Hetheridge, ever more enamored of Kate, is determined to put an heirloom engagement ring on her finger.

In book three, SOMETHING BLUE, East Ender Kate is finally ready to marry her blue-blooded guv and become Lady Hetheridge at long last. But with Downing Street pressuring them to solve a case in the shortest time frame ever, and serial killer Sir Duncan Godington back in the mix, can the wedding actually go off without a hitch?


Maui Madness (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 7)
4.5 stars in 26 reviews

Zoe and the gang go to Maui and become involved not only in a treasure hunt for a sunken ship, but in a murder mystery with more twists than a mountain road. Join the gang as they dine in popular restaurants, go shopping, try surfing, and make new friends only to have to decide who they can trust and who may be hiding more than they are sharing.


To Kill a Grey Man
4.5 stars in 41 reviews

This is a standalone story that can be read without reference to any other novel but it includes the main characters from “The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon” by D C Stansfield.

“Question,” said The Grey Man to The Assassin. “How do you kill a man who hides in a crowd?”
“Answer,” said The Assassin to The Grey Man. “Kill the crowd.”

The Grey Man is a legend in the covert world of espionage. He has complete control over the powerful organisation called ‘The Firm’ which supplies the infrastructure for all the Secret Service departments across Europe. Sir Thomas Robertson, “C”, head of MI6 wants that control for himself.

The findings of a routine medical show The Grey Man is going blind. Sir Thomas realises this is the break he needs and decides to have him murdered. However, it is not as simple as killing one old, blind man. The Grey Man has two friends, who he has worked with for decades and are the best in the business. One an assassin, who has been dealing death for nearly thirty years and the other a breaker of men, nicknamed the Surgeon, so vicious, it is rumoured everytime he hits a man he cuts him.

Taking no chances, Sir Thomas calls on all his resources including the shadowy figure of John Sea who runs a large part of the UK underworld. “I want them all dead” he declares. So begins a life and death chase across the South of England. Can these three men on the verge of retirement take on The Underworld, The Firm and the Secret Service?

What is understood by all, is that this is a game for high stakes and people are going to die!

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99 Cent Mysteries 5/14/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

Two thrillers + one cozy = cheap Kindle mysteries math. From an amateur senior sleuth to global conspiracy to Special Forces killing machine, that adds up to one big batch of 99 cent reading enjoyment.


The Silversmith (David Wolf)
4.5 stars in 79 reviews

Sergeant David Wolf has been waiting sixteen years for today’s opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his late father — to become Sheriff of the small ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado. What he’s offered, however, isn’t quite what he’s expecting. And for Wolf, refusing turns out to be harder, and much deadlier, than he could have anticipated. When a rich and powerful enemy corrupts the RPPD from within, Wolf becomes hunted by his own police force, along with a special forces killing machine who’s psychotic lust for blood is never denied. In this action-packed second David Wolf novel, Wolf draws on all his skills to evade certain death in the high Rocky Mountain forest, and in the process unveils a disturbing mystery. One that if he can unravel, will do no less than rewrite his entire past, and ensure he’s around to see his future.


The Aspen Account
4.5 stars in 253 reviews

After a colleague at Denver’s top accounting firm dies in a mysterious skiing accident, Michael Chapman is assigned to replace him on an audit of software behemoth X-Tronic. At the same time, rookie journalist Sarah Matthews of the Denver Post starts nosing into rumors that may connect X-Tronic to her brother’s death. And the reclusive Aspen billionaire who founded X-Tronic thirty years ago begins to fear that events unfolding at his company will finally make him pay for a past he would love to forget: when he sold out friends and neglected family in his single-minded pursuit of success. Soon all three will discover just how much they are willing to risk to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy that will shock the world.


Treasure in Tawas, cozy mystery (Book 5) (An Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery)
4.5 stars in 53 reviews

The last thing Agnes Barton expected was to be slapped in cuffs alongside her best friend, and fellow-sleuthing buddy, Eleanor Mason. All they had wanted to do was to verify if a painting at the Butler Mansion had indeed been stolen. How were they to know that they had tripped off a silent alarm—or that Agnes’ nemesis Mildred Winfree’s body would be discovered when the cops showed up? It didn’t help that they had entered the mansion illegally—using a key Agnes had pilfered from her daughter Martha who was working as a real estate agent to sell the old place. Word has it that a treasure map was hidden in the back of a painting at the Butler Mansion, and it was just too juicy a story not to investigate. So here Agnes and Eleanor sat in jail as prime suspects as they were brought in for questioning. The tabloid, Tall Tales, printed a treasure map in its most recent addition, and soon, East Tawas becomes a point of interest as treasure hunters began tearing up the town looking for treasure. Agnes and Eleanor join in the foray, but she wondered just who was behind this tall tale, and what did it have to do with Mildred’s murder?

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99 Cent Mysteries 2/26/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

Thriller — not the werewolf dancing kind, but the psychological, international, and compilation editions in our cheap Kindle mysteries today.


Bad Games – A Dark Psychological Thriller
4.5 stars in 512 reviews

The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some fishing, some barbecue, some games… The Fannelli brothers are heading to Crescent Lake too. Some stalking, some kidnapping, some murder, definitely some games…though not necessarily the type of games the Lamberts had in mind. But it doesn’t matter. The Lamberts are going to play whether they like it or not. An intense psychological thriller, Bad Games has the dark, mind-bending chills of The Bad Seed combined with the fish-out-of-water dread and suspense of Deliverance. So let Jeff Menapace’s highly anticipated thriller keep you up all night as it delves into the mystery of nature versus nurture when comprehending the evil in man, along with the will and determination an innocent family must summon to fight back against horrific odds.


Jack Daniels Stories
4.5 stars in 47 reviews

JA Konrath, known for the Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thrillers set in Chicago, offers this collection of short stories and novellas from the Jack Daniels universe. Join Jack Daniels, her partner Herb Benedict, private eye Harry McGlade, and part-time criminal Phineas Troutt, in this omnibus of 15 stories. These were previous published in magazines and anthologies, and many are long out of print.


Foreign Deceit (A David Wolf Novel)(Second Edition)
4 stars in 153 reviews

Sergeant David Wolf is a good cop in the small ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado. A good cop who’s seen bad days before. But none like this. As if a harrowing attempt on his life, his ex-addict wife coming back into the picture, and a looming career change weren’t enough, his world is turned when he receives word his brother has committed suicide in the Alps of Italy. Devastation and resentment over his only sibling’s selfish act quickly gives way to a nagging suspicion that he isn’t getting the whole truth. Conviction alone is enough to pull Wolf from his pressing events at home to the entirely foreign land of Northern Italy, and into a more deadly situation than he could have possibly imagined. With the help of a beautiful young officer of the Carabinieri, Wolf must piece together what happened on that last fateful night of his brother’s life without ruffling too many feathers, or paying the ultimate price. A gritty tale of international mystery, Foreign Deceit is a cerebral, visceral and emotional ride that will keep you guessing until the final pages.

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All Kindle books were $.99 at the time of this post, but prices on Amazon sometimes change quickly.

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99 Cent Mysteries for 1/13/14

Another day, another set of 99 Cent Mysteries! Today’s theme is: Box sets. Because what’s better than one 99 cent mystery? Why, getting several mysteries for your (almost) buck, of course!


Greatest Hits Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. I (Books 1-2)
4.5 stars in 36 reviews

Boxed set of 2 nationally bestselling Greatest Hits Mystery novels featuring the Bombay Family of Assassins: ‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy – book #1 (“Darkly funny and wildly over the top, this mystery answers the burning question, ‘Do assassin skills and Girl Scout merit badges mix…’ one truly original and wacky novel!”) and Guns Will Keep Us Together – book #2


A Fatal Four-Pack: Four Complete Mystery Novels
4 stars in 36 reviews

Four Complete Mystery Novels by Deb Baker, L. L. Bartlett, Rae Davies, and P.B. Ryan. All author proceeds from this anthology to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Malice, Mischief & Men (7 authors, 7 shades of Romantic Suspense)
4.5 stars in 16 reviews

Seven bestselling authors. Seven shades of romantic suspense. A story for every mood. One low price – $0.99 for a limited time


The Ultimate Romantic Suspense Set (8 Romantic Suspense Novels)
4.5 stars in 7 reviews

The Ultimate Romantic Suspense Box – 8 best-selling authors. ~ For a limited time – 8 books – only 99 cents ~ Prepare for the ultimate wild ride, whether you’re looking for fiery undercover agents, sexy detectives, spunky bounty hunters, or shattered athletes, there’s a sizzling suspense or humorous foray into the world of kink waiting inside.

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All books were $.99 at the time of this post, but prices on Amazon sometimes change quickly.

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