99 Cent Mysteries 2/10/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

From a Regency murder mystery, to thriller, to suspense, today’s cheap Kindle mysteries have it all.


Lord Scoundrel Dies – A Regency Murder Mystery
4.5 stars in 42 reviews

When Harriet Honeywood agrees to retrieve a family heirloom that was stolen from her cousin by the vile Lord Sutton, she does not expect to be thrust into an adventure. While she had anticipated that recovering the treasure might be difficult, she had not counted on discovering the body of his lordship in the process. Harry soon learns that her cousin isn’t the only victim of Lord Scoundrel – the man was in the business of blackmail and thievery. She is determined to undo his wickeness and return all of the missing items to their rightful owners. In this she is assisted by the delectable, disapproving Lord Talisker and the amiable Charlie Lampforth, who are alternately bemused and outraged by Harry’s unrelenting enthusiasm for the job. But bestowing justice can be a dangerous game. Not everybody believes that she is on the side of the angels and somebody might just decide to make her victim number two. Can Harry survive her own good intentions and, more alarmingly, can she survive her first taste of love? For much as she might find Lord Talisker irksome, there is no denying he knows how to worm his way into a girl’s affections…


The Enigma (A Sarah Roberts Thriller Book Six)
4.5 stars in 67 reviews

In Book Six, The Enigma, Sarah Roberts heads to Las Vegas, Nevada. Her dead sister has left her a message with two tasks to complete in Vegas. She is supposed to choose a random guy with a cell phone and send a message to a number her sister has supplied. Before she can complete this first task, she notices a man following her. This man begs her, with tears in his eyes, to not send the text. On the west side of Vegas, a man is being tortured. Sarah’s second task is to arrive at a certain time to stop it. When she shows up late, people start to die. The man who had followed her also shows up. With people dead at the warehouse, the police want to know what she’s doing in Vegas and why she was there. All Sarah wants is to get her bike and leave Las Vegas. But Maxwell Ramsey has a different plan for Sarah. She has entered his territory and intervened in his business. She has cost him money and time as he plans the acquisition of a local casino. For that, Sarah has to be removed. What she doesn’t expect are the deep ties to her family and what that means to her now, and in the future.


The Price of Innocence
4.5 stars in 84 reviews

In the decade since their younger sister’s death, James and Ian Lawrence have drifted apart – James to pursue a steady but humdrum career as a CPA in Kansas City, Ian to go adventuring off to Leipzig, Germany, for his doctorate in economics. But when Ian mysteriously disappears while researching the economics of organized crime, James must take a leave of absence to look for him. Risking everything, he embarks on a perilous journey across Europe, digging deeply into the business affairs of some very private, very dangerous people. But in the search for Ian, he discovers a brewing revolution that will shock the world – and change what he sees as his own place in it.

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