99 Cent Mysteries 2/19/14 — Cheap Kindle Mysteries

Cheap Kindle mysteries today go detective — from a paranomal romance mystery, to whodunits featuring private investigators.


Werewolf Interrupted (Werewolf Detectives #1)
4.5 stars in 12 reviews

A large Russian immigrant population thrives in West Hollywood, California. West Hollywood is also Karina’s world, a place where a Russian werewolf can hide in plain sight. It’s also the place where the werewolf hunters seek their prey. When Karina’s best friend, also a werewolf, is murdered, she teams up with Jack Hardy, a homicide detective, in order to work on the case with him. Of course, Karina can’t tell Jack that she’s a werewolf. He’s falling in love with her while she considers the consequences of such a love match. Jack has a problem, too, a secret that threatens their future. Add to this a werewolf pack in transition, a mysterious werewolf grandmother, the biological differences of two types of werewolves and a pulp fiction-ish pace that keeps the reader engaged with the story revealed from different timelines and points of view. WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED unleashes a fast-moving new adult genre storyline and strong characters to launch this series for werewolf fiction lovers. WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED is a full-length paranormal romance novel at 59,000+ words and is the first novel in the WEREWOLF DETECTIVES series.


Henry Wood Detective Agency
4.5 stars in 162 reviews

Henry Wood is suffering greatly from a festive night of saying goodbye to 1954. His world is one of black and white, right and wrong, but his life is about to change and there will forever be shades of grey. An average detective, with a passion for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Henry is about to be hired by a beautiful woman, to find her father and his journal. It seems simple enough, but when a second woman appears, wanting his services, to find the same journal, he suspects he might be in over his head. He’s right. They are the least of his problems. The local mafia boss, Tommy ‘The Knife’, wants the journal too. As long as it is missing, he is vulnerable, and the other bosses smell blood in the water. Who can Henry trust? Henry has a mysterious benefactor that he has never met, but seems to have his best interest at heart. Will Henry take the help that is offered? Does he have a choice?


The Case of the Not-So-Fair Trader (A Richard Sherlock Whodunit)
4.5 stars in 119 reviews

A despicable stock trader is found buried under an avalanche of his own garden rocks, causing fired-from-the force- Richard Sherlock to be yanked off the bowling alley and whisked to the crime scene by his pampered protegee Tiffany Richmond. He must prove murder and stop payment of the twelve-million-dollar Richmond Insurance policy. Nothing makes sense. Crime scene is a mess. There is no money trail. There are too many motives from too many suspects who have too many alibis. Worst of all Sherlock’s bad back is acting up, his ex-wife wants more money and the murder investigation is putting a serious dent in his parenting schedule of his two daughters. Richard Sherlock hates his job, and may be a reluctant dick, but he is better at finding the WHO in WHODUNIT than anyone else.

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